Just Launched: 2021 Music Legends – The WHO £5 BU

All outstanding orders for John Logie Baird and 2021 Three Graces have been dispatched


Buy now: 2021 St. Helena Three Graces 1 Oz Silver Proof. Dispatch by 24-May.


Now available to Preorder: PREORDER: 2021 Music Legends – The WHO £5 BU. All orders will be dispatched by mid-June.


Now available 2021 Queen’s Virtues – Truth 1oz Silver Proof Coin. All orders will be dispatched by early June.

Now available 2021 Queen’s Beasts – Yale of Beaufort £2 BU and 2021 Queen’s Beasts – Yale of Beaufort £2 BU. Delivery within 2 working days.


All outstanding Queen’s Beasts Completer BU and eter Rabbit BU have now been dispatched.


All outstanding Alfred the Great BU Orders and standalone orders have been dispatched. If you purchased these with Queen’s Beasts Completer BU and/or Peter Rabbit BU, they are expected to be dispatched later this week.

Register your interest for 2021 Great Aussie Coin Hunt 2 – Collection Folder with Coins


Just launched: 2021 John Logie Biard 50p BU


After making 4 releases in two weeks time (Dimorphodon, Alfred the Great, Peter Rabbit, Queen’s Beasts Completer), the mint is overwhelemed and have delayed dispatches. This was compounded by the error on the Queen’s Beasts die and them having to recall a lot of Gold and Silver coins trying to ‘correct’ the issue.

Dimorphodon: All orders have been fulfilled
Alfred the Great: Expected to be dispatched early next week (around 11-May) following another delay from the mint to dispatch.
Peter Rabbit: Expected to be dispatched late next week (around 14-May)
Queen’s Beast Completer: Expected to be dispatched around 19-May

As always, I aim to turn these around as soon as I receive them. I do apologize for the delay. Please bear with me. I am sure they will all be worth the wait. 

I do understand that it is frustrating to wait this long and I truly apologize the delay. If you wish to cancel your order, please let me know at crawleycoins@gmail.com.

– Rick


Just Launched: 2021 Little Miss Sunshine £5 BU.
Also available to purchase the entire Mr. Men and Little Miss BU £5 Coin Set.