2016 Great Fire of London £2 BU


  • Struck in Brilliant Uncirculated Condition
  • The only official UK coin to mark the anniversary
  • With packaging that reveals the story of the fire and its impact
  • Produced in association with the Museum of London

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Commemorate a dramatic moment in Englands history

Remembering the Great Fire that changed London forever

It is a story so spectacular that it has survived for centuries, retold in the history books, on the National Curriculum and even through popular songs. The Great Fire of London ravaged the city, but its leaders and inhabitants created a new London from the ashes, proving their endurance.

Aaron West, a member of The Royal Mint’s team of expert designers, has captured the devastating scenes of the time from the perspective of one of the Londoners seeking sanctuary on the Thames. His inspiration, along with first-hand accounts from popular figures such as Samuel Pepys, and the role played by The Royal Mint’s home at the Tower of London, are all explored in the accompanying booklet.

Image Courtest: Coin Hunter

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