2018 Frankenstein UK £2 BU Coin in capsule


  • A unique keepsake to mark the legacy of Frankenstein
  • The coin features an innovative design by Royal Mint coin designer Thomas T. Docherty, portraying ECG monitor style wording of ‘Frankenstein’
  • The only official UK coin to celebrate 200 years of the publication of the novel
  • Mark 200 years of the legacy of Frankenstein and the birth of science fiction
  • The coin features the edge lettering ‘A SPARK OF BEING’, which is a quote taken from the novel
  • A special gift at Halloween for fans of Frankenstein
  • Coin dispatched in protective capsule

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The Spark of Inspiration

For 200 years, Frankenstein has captured our imaginations. The story has been at the forefront of debates of radical thinking, scientific advancements and public perception since it was first published in 1818, when Mary Shelley was 21 years old. She had written the novel three years before its publication, when she was just 18.

Frankenstein continues to amaze, shock and inspire those who encounter it. Its legacy is unparalleled; many call it the first science fiction novel while others call it the greatest horror novel of all time. It is discussed as avidly as when it was first published and continues to spawn new discussions and creativity, 200 years on.

The coin has been designed by Royal Mint coin designer Thomas T. Docherty. Depicting ECG monitor style wording of ‘Frankenstein’, the coin celebrates the legacy of Frankenstein and the significance of Mary Shelley’s creation.

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