2018 UK ‘Q’ Queue Silver Proof 10p


  • Queuing for the cricket, a bus or for your favourite fish and chips is something Brits do really well
  • Join the queue and collect the UK’s first Quintessentially British A to Z coin 10p collection
  • From Quentin to Quinn, don’t wait around give a name gift to someone special
  • The only official UK coin celebrating this Great British formation
  • A series first of 2018 UK 10p silver proof coins to collect

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The Great British Coin Hunt Quintessentially British A to Z

Apologising unnecessarily and forming a queue, just two of the unusual things we British people do!

If there’s one thing British people know how to do, it’s stand in an orderly queue! Renowned across the globe for our calm and good-natured queueing manner, it is a formation that comes naturally to the people of Britain.

Established as a social norm in the early 19th Century, Britain is believed to have gained its reputation for queueing during major historical events, including the industrial revolution. As more and more people gathered together in urban areas, the need for order was made apparent.

Today, queuing is a part of everyday life. Whether you are out shopping, waiting for a taxi or heading to your local chip shop, an orderly queue will be ready for you to join.

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