2018 UK ‘E’ English Breakfast Silver Proof 10p


  • Whatever your preference, English Breakfast is a Great British tradition start the day
  • Discover and collect our first Quintessentially British Alphabet appearing on UK 10p coins
  • The first UK coin featuring English breakfast design
  • Discover and collect 2018 collection of 26 silver proof UK 10p coins

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A full English Breakfast kicks off our day, What could be more British as we set on our way?

You can’t beat a traditional English breakfast. Also known as a ‘fry up’, a traditional English breakfast, according to the English Breakfast Society, features an array of ingredients including bacon, eggs, sausage, black pudding, baked beans, grilled tomato, fried bread and toast.

Over the years, the preparing of a traditional English breakfast has evolved, however the contents have stayed the same.

The tradition of an English breakfast dates back to the Victorian era when two meals a day was the norm – breakfast and dinner. For the landed gentry, breakfast was a time to socialise and impress your guests so was a very leisurely affair, much like dinner is today.

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