We celebrate Eeyore, the blue-grey donkey with a kind and generous nature, on the seventh coin in the collection, closely followed by Kanga and Roo as they bound onto the penultimate coin of the series, later in springtime. Disney’s Winnie the Pooh often meets with his loyal friends in the Hundred Acre Wood to seek out an adventure or ‘expotition’ as they’re sometimes known, so it’s rather fitting that Pooh and some of his closest friends gather for one last time on the final coin in the Winnie the Pooh and Friends UK 50p Coin Collection, this summer.

It has been quite the adventure since Pooh Bear first ventured onto a coin in 2020, closely followed by his friends Piglet and Christopher Robin. Last year marked 95 years since the book Winnie-the-Pooh was first published and we released a coin featuring one of E. H. Shepard’s original illustrations of the whole gang together. Bouncy Tigger and wise Owl appeared on the subsequent coins, and a friendly bee appears in the background of each design, uniting all the coins in the collection.

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