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  1. seven sided coins;-
    Liberia $5 military memorial or 82-85.
    polish 300,000 zloty 1994
    Tonga 1 Pa’anga 1983 -85

  2. Hello, I’m currently looking for a 2020 Una and the Lion gilded proof coin. Would like to keep price at or as close as possible to $ 200.00 . Best regards, Tim Elkins in Colorado, U.S.A.

  3. Currently looking for The Olympic Handover Ceremony in Beijing 2008 £2, last coin for my collection other than the four Commonwealth Games.

    Would be much appreciated.

  4. Hi,
    I’m lookin for a good price for the upcoming Roman Britain £2 Coin Collection (Bailwick Of Guernsey)

  5. Hi,
    I’m still hunting for a 2009 Kew gardens in the royal mint original packaging and in the original sealed bag. Thank you

  6. I’m looking for the “ Queen Elizabeth II Longest Reigning Monarch Legacy Set” from the Royal Mint PRODUCT CODE: HISQEL5 from this year. Five coins in the set. USA phone number 615-720-7836 or es.bbandy@gmail.com.

  7. Good afternoon, I’m looking for a Royal mint 2016 proof definitive (Shield) set with no visible toning.

  8. Rick, Just added the 2023 definitive coin set but trying to add the Starwars 50p set in changechecker card but system does not seem to recognise them. Also just purchased French Rugby World Cup €2 coin any idea when you might be getting further stock.
    Many thanks
    Malc Mobey

  9. Hi.
    I am looking for the following coins:
    1. The Royal Tudor Beasts The Seymour Unicorn 2024 UK 2oz Silver Proof Coin Limited Edition 1250
    2.The Royal Tudor Beasts The Seymour Unicorn 2024 UK 1oz Silver Proof Coin Limited Edition 5500

  10. Hello, I am looking for the 2018 British Indian Ocean Territory £2 – Centenary of the First World War. I am specifically looking for the coloured version of this coins as I already have the non-coloured.
    Thank you for any assistance 🙂

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