As one of the oldest working mints in the world, The Royal Mint, UK have produced coins for a plethora of regal dynasties throughout their 1,100-year history, including some of the most legendary monarchs to wear the crown. The British Monarchs Collection uniquely celebrates these iconic kings and queens by providing a numismatic snapshot of their reign through coin designs of yesteryear.

Utilising genuine historical samples coupled with state-of-the-art technology and numismatic processes, their master craftspeople have faithfully recreated these classic designs just as they would have appeared during each monarch’s respective reign.

This innovative, five-year series will feature 21 monarchs in total, featuring iconic kings and queens from four royal houses: Tudor, Stuart, Hanoverian and Windsor, formerly known as Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Each year will see the launch of several new coins, released sequentially in January, March, June and September*.

Whilst the designs remain true to the originals, the coins in this new collection are finished to Proof standard, which provides a clearly defined finish that accentuates the details and enhances the overall aesthetic of each one. Available struck in 999.9 gold or 999 fine silver, the first release in the range celebrates Henry VII. Featuring a Tudor design, it is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from one ounce to five-ounce editions.

*Please note: All the information provided regarding dates and launch order of the monarchs are all subject to change across the five-year series.

03 George I

The British Monarchs Collection continues its exciting exploration of numismatic and royal history with its third coin. Dedicated to George I, the first British monarch of the long-reigning Hanoverian dynasty, it features a faithful recreation of an original coinage portrait of the king.

02 James I

Building on the precedent set by the first coin in the series, the second release features another legendary royal with a design dedicated to James I – the Scottish king James VI who succeeded Elizabeth I to become king of England.

01 Henry VII

Beginning with the founder of the Tudor dynasty, the first coin in The British Monarchs Collection features a classic portrait of Henry VII as it would have appeared on the coinage of the time. As one of the most iconic kings in British history, this design provides a fascinating glimpse into the rarely seen coins of his reign, whilst also presenting a unique prospect for would-be collectors and history aficionados.

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