2022 British Monarchs – Edward VII 2 Oz Silver Proof

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  • The fourth coin in our innovative British Monarchs Collection
  • A popular collection exploring the evolution of portraiture on British coins from the fifteenth century through to the present day
  • Features the ‘bare head’ portrait of Edward VII by George William De Saulles
  • Ideal for numismatists, history enthusiasts and those interested in the British monarchy
  • Limited Edition: 750

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As the firstborn son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Edward VII was always destined to be king. By the time he inherited the throne at the age of 59, he was the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, and a well-travelled and popular public figure. Edward VII’s relatively short reign saw the modernisation of the military and navy, and disputes settled with France, both of which proved vital when war broke out years later; he was also the last British monarch to have a period of history named after them.

This coin is the fourth release in a collection that provides an authentic insight into numismatic history and the influential monarchs that lend their likenesses to each coin. For this design, we look back to the turn of the twentieth century and a time when advances in minting processes and techniques resulted in a more lifelike portrait of the monarch than previously possible.

Denomination: £5
Maximum Coin Mintage: 756
Weight: 62.86g
Diameter: 40mm
Quality: Proof
Edge: Milled

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Weight 1001 g



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