2023 British Monarchs – George II 1 Oz Silver Proof

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  • The eighth coin in The British Monarchs Collection
  • A popular collection exploring the evolution of portraiture on British coins from the fifteenth century through to the present day
  • The reverse features a coinage portrait of George II, originally designed by John Croker, remastered using modern minting techniques
  • Limited Edition: 1,350

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The British Monarchs Collection from The Royal Mint draws on more than 500 years of history to reimagine coinage portraits from the reigns of legendary kings and queens. Each coin in the collection features a remastering of an original portrait that would have appeared on coinage during the time of each respective monarch’s reign.
The latest release in the collection celebrates George II. The second Hanoverian king acceded to the throne on the death of his father in 1727. His reign oversaw a significant period in British history, including the establishment of the parliamentary system we know today. George II was the last British monarch to ride into battle alongside his troops, and was Britain’s longest-living monarch at the time of his death.
Originally created by John Croker, the design that inspired the latest coin in our British Monarchs Collection appeared on a five-guinea piece. A booklet detailing the life and reign of George II and the coinage of his time accompanies each coin in the range.

Denomination: £2
Maximum Coin Mintage: 1360
Weight: 31.21g
Diameter: 38.61mm
Quality: Proof
Edge: Milled

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Weight 501 g


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