2018 Union Jack ‘U’ 10p Silver Proof Premium Coin Cover PNC WM

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  • Coin: UK 2018 10p U Silver Proof
  • Stamp: Union Jack 1st class
  • Postmark: 01/03/2018, London SW1

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This 2018 Union Jack silver 10p pence coin cover is a first day cover by Westminster. It’s the world’s first ever Union Jack silver coin cover and hosts a Royal Mint silver 10p pence coin and a Royal Mail stamp. The coin depicts the Union Jack and the letter U for Unity. Cancelled postmarked Royal Mail London SW1 1st March 2018.
The cover comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and enjoys a limited issue of 500. It is presented in a branded folder.
Denomination: 10p Weight: 6.50g Diameter: 24.50mm Alloy: .925 Sterling Silver Quality: Proof

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Weight 255 g


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