2024 Royal Tudor Beasts 06 Tudor Dragon £5 BU

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  • The latest coin in The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection
  • Features the Tudor Dragon, a King’s Beast representing the Tudor’s Welsh lineage
  • The collection artist David Lawrence has created a design based on the stone beast on the Moat Bridge to Hampton Court Palace
  • Accompanied with a booklet detailing the history of the Tudor Dragon and how this was significant to Henry VIII
  • Created in collaboration with the experts at Historic Royal Palaces

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Ten mighty beasts stand guard on the Moat Bridge at Hampton Court Palace, overlooking all who enter. Commissioned by Henry VIII, these heraldic creatures displayed the power and influence of the House of Tudor, and The Royal Mint has created The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection to pay homage to these symbols of regal strength.
The next beast in the collection is the Tudor Dragon, which was adopted by the Tudor family to celebrate their royal Welsh heritage. The Tudor Dragon is the last King’s Beast that visitors pass along the Moat Bridge as they enter Hampton Court Palace.
Collection artist David Lawrence has created a design featuring the Tudor Dragon holding a shield emblazoned with the Beaufort Portcullis.

Denomination: £5
Alloy: Cupro-nickel
Diameter: 38.61mm
Weight: 28.28g
Year: 2024

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Weight 70 g





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