2023 Royal Tudor Beasts 04 Bull of Clarence £5 BU

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  • The fourth coin in The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection
  • Features the Bull of Clarence, a King’s Beast representing Henry VIII’s Yorkist heritage
  • Collection artist David Lawrence has created a dynamic modern design based on the stone sculpture at Hampton Court Palace
  • Each coin comes with packaging exploring the origin and significance of the Bull of Clarence emblem
  • Created in collaboration with the experts at Historic Royal Palaces
  • This is the first coin in the collection to feature the new official coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III

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In 1535, Henry VIII commissioned an impressive new bridge at the entrance of Hampton Court Palace, lined with symbolic statues asserting his ancestral right to rule to all who visited. Today, almost 500 years later, his stone sentinels standing on the parapets of the Moat Bridge continue to keep a watchful eye over all who pass. These royal protectors are the inspiration behind The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection, and the next beast in the spotlight is the Bull of Clarence.

Known for its representation of strength, power, and wealth, the bull is one of the oldest animal symbols in the world. The heraldic Bull of Clarence joins the King’s Beasts on the Moat Bridge to reinforce Henry VIII’s ancestral links to the Yorkist dynasty.

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