1973 1998 25th Anniversary of Britain in Europe UK 50p Coin Cover PNC Benham


  • Coin: 1973 UK EEC 50p
  • Stamps: UK, Belgium

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An Exclusive Collectible

The 25th anniversary of Britain in Europe is a significant milestone, celebrated in a unique and memorable way. One of the most coveted items commemorating this event is the 1973-1998 50p coin cover produced by Benham. This collectible is not just any coin; it represents a quarter-century of Britain’s integration within Europe.

Special Journey and Postmark

What makes this 50p coin cover extraordinary is its journey. It was carried on the Eurostar to Brussels, symbolizing the connection between the UK and Europe. Upon arrival in Brussels, the coin cover was postmarked, further enhancing its authenticity and historical significance. This special postmark solidifies the coin cover’s standing as a remarkable collector’s item.

Design and Presentation

Benham, known for their high-quality philatelic products, has meticulously crafted this coin cover. The presentation is elegant, featuring a beautifully designed cover that highlights the 50p coin. The intricate details of the coin and the cover are a tribute to the 25 years of Britain’s participation in Europe. Collectors will appreciate the craftsmanship and the historical context that this piece embodies.

A Must-Have for Collectors

For numismatists and philatelists alike, the 1973-1998 25th anniversary of Britain in Europe UK 50p coin cover is a must-have. Its unique journey, special postmark, and Benham’s renowned design make it a standout piece in any collection. Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, this coin cover is a valuable addition that commemorates an important era in European history.

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