2021 Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland £5 BU


  • The first time this timeless tale has been commemorated on a UK coin.
  • Perfect for literature enthusiasts or ardent fans of the book.
  • The design features an original illustration by Sir John Tenniel that featured in the frst publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
  • Collect the first coin from The Royal Mint’s Treasury of Tales.

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Feeling curious? Good! Curiosity and imagination are essential to the workings of Wonderland and Looking-Glass House – you might just misplace your mind if you come on this journey without them.

Who knew a little girl called Alice would still inspire the imaginations of adults and children almost 160 years on from when she followed a frantic white rabbit down a hole in the ground? It’s a popular story, to say the least. Coins also happen to tell rich and fascinating stories, and there’s no story more mesmerising than Lewis Carroll’s timeless masterpiece Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, along with its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass, which happens to celebrate its 150-year publication anniversary in 2021.

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