2023 Royal Tudor Beasts 03 Yale of Beaufort £5 BU


  • Created in collaboration with the experts at Historic Royal Palaces
  • The third coin in a regal collection that explores the rich heraldry of the Tudor dynasty
  • Features the Yale of Beaufort, a peculiar beast inspired by European folklore
  • The collection’s artist David Lawrence has created a modern design inspired by the original stone beast at Hampton Court Palace
  • Each coin comes with packaging that explores the Yale of Beaufort’s heraldic importance and reveals the process behind the coin’s design.

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At Hampton Court Palace, ten formidable beasts guard the Moat Bridge, each rich in symbolism and chosen by Henry VIII for its fearsome appearance and to represent his right to rule. Inspired by these royal protectors, The Royal Mint created The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection, and the first coins in the ten-coin collection featured the Seymour Panther and Lion of England.

Now, the collection continues with the Yale of Beaufort, a beast that is so extraordinary it would have inspired awe in all who approached the palace, due to its antelope-like body, lion’s tail, and tusks of a boar. The peculiar beast was closely associated with the powerful Beaufort family, and the Yale of Beaufort on the Moat Bridge was presented holding the Arms of Jane Seymour to reinforce her authority and influence as the king’s new wife.

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