The allegorical presentation of the Queen’s six virtues was first presented on the Victoria Memorial, situated outside Buckingham Palace. Designed after Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, The Winged Angel of Victory is featured at the very top of the monument and crouched at her feet are the allegorical figures of Courage and Constancy. Courage wears a helmet and bears a club, while Constancy holds a ship’s compass, and both have cloaks swirling out in the breeze. Beneath stand personifications of Justice, Truth and Charity.
Designed and sculpted by Sir Thomas Brock, he described the symbolism of the monument as devoted to the
“qualities which made our Queen so great and so much beloved.“
This innovative and thought-provoking collection is released in tribute of the ‘Virtues of a Queen’. Virtues which, in all our lives, remain as important as ever. Issued over three years in gold and silver, the collection features the allegorical personifications of