2021 St Helena Queen’s Virtues Victory 1 Oz Gold Proof NGC PF70


  • Coin Name : 2021 VICTORY 1oz gold proof coin
  • NGC Graded: PF70 Ultra Cameo
  • NGC Certificate Number: 6030265-001
  • Alloy : 999.9AU (24ct gold)
  • Denomination : £5
  • Weight : 1oz
  • Issuing Authority : St Helena
  • Diameter : 32mm
  • Issue Limit : 250
  • Total Mintage : 250

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Our first DESIGN in the series, the Victory coin features the allegorical representation of Victory.
Victory is said to be the achievement of mastery, success and overcoming an enemy. A key virtue recognised in both Victoria’s and Elizabeth II’s reign Victory holds a position at the very top of the Victoria Memorial monument. In gilded bronze stands a Winged Victory on a globe holding a victor’s palm. The victors palm represents victory, triumph and peace, a symbol originating from the Middle East. In ancient Roman religion, Victoria was a goddess personifying Victory, the Roman’s equivalent of the Greek goddess, Nike.

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Weight 1001 g


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