2014 Portrait of Britain UK £5 Silver Proof Collection

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  • Limited Edition 3,500
  • A year-dated set of four silver £5 crowns
  • First set in the series which explores Britain’s heritage
  • Contemporary designs with trichromatic colour printing
  • Designed by a duo of Royal Mint coin designers

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A Story in Every Stone

Four iconic buildings celebrated in one collection

Britain’s iconic buildings have played a key role in our history. The greatest have served as the homes of kings and queens, lords and ladies and the leaders that have influenced our cultural heritage. Each stone has a story to tell, bearing witness to praise and pageantry, royalty and rebellion, and to the lives of those who walked their halls and shaped our country.

The very first Portrait of Britain collection featured four London locations, instantly recognisable to tourists from around the world. Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge are an imposing part of the city’s familiar landscape, dominating the skyline. Each one is rich in history, a symbol of outstanding design and engineering that has endured for centuries.

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