2018 UK ‘R’ Robin Silver Proof 10p


  • Cherish a family Christmas, winter walks graced with a charming red breasted bird
  • Don’t fly away before discovering the UK’s first Quintessentially British A to Z coin 10p collection
  • From Rachael to Richard, give a name gift to a special person in your nest
  • The UK’s first Quintessentially British A to Z coin collection
  • Twenty six 2018 UK 10p silver proof coins to collect

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The Great British Coin Hunt Quintessentially British A to Z

Guiding our progress through the cold winter snow, Is the cherished red robin with his bright chest aglow.

Officially named the UK’s favourite bird, the charming red robin with its iconic red breast can be found chirping its happy tune in UK hedgerows, gardens, parks and woodlands.

Found front and centre on many yuletide cards, the charming robin is often associated with the festive season. Historically associated with ill fortune, a handful of people still refuse to write their Christmas wishes on a card featuring the red breasted bird!

With a length of 14cm, wingspan of 20-22cm and a weight of just 14-21g, these cute little birds are often thought to be friendly creatures, but that is certainly not the case. They may look adorable, but robins are aggressively territorial and quarrelsome, and will not hesitate to drive away other intruding robins.

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