2020 Dinosaurs Coloured Silver Proof 50p Full Set


  • The first time a dinosaur has featured on an official UK coin
  • The use of colour brings the designs to life
  • A landmark moment in British science commemorated on a coin for the very first time
  • The coin design and packaging illustrations are based on scientifically accurate reconstructions
  • Presented in a beautiful acrylic display block
  • Finished to the finest Proof standard
  • Each coin is limited edition to 7000

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The Dinosauria Collection is an exciting new series celebrating this landmark British discovery. Featuring each creature that led Owen to his groundbreaking conclusion in turn, this is the first time dinosaurs have featured on official UK coins The series features:

  • Megalosaurus (minor blemishes).
  • Hylaeosaurus
  • Iguanadon


Additional information

Weight 751 g

2011 – 2020


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