2024 The National Gallery £2 BU

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  • Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the National Gallery
  • The Gallery serves as the centrepiece of the coin’s reverse design by Edwina Ellis
  • The edge inscription conveys the notion that the great artists of the past inspire those of the future – one of the Gallery’s founding principles
  • Accompanied by packaging that explores both the Gallery’s collection and its fascinating history

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From its very beginnings, the National Gallery has made art accessible to all. The collection, which now features more than 2,300 paintings, began as 38 pictures acquired from the financier John Julius Angerstein by parliament in April 1824. Today, the National Gallery remains open to all, featuring works by British artists such as William Hogarth and John Constable, as well as famous works from esteemed international artists, including Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh.
The coin features a reverse design created by Edwina Ellis, a designer, engraver and printmaker who has designed several coins for The Royal Mint, including a UK 50p coin honouring Stephen Hawking and a set of four Bridge £1 coins. The artist has skilfully depicted the National Gallery at the centre of the design marking its 200th anniversary, with the anniversary itself framing the building in a semicircle. The coin feature the edge inscription ‘MAIORVM GLORIA POSTERIS LVMEN EST’, which means ‘The glory of our ancestors is a light to our descendants’ and is inscribed in the Wilkins Building of the Gallery.

Denomination: £2
Alloy: Inner: Cupro-nickel, Outer: Nickel-brass
Diameter: 28.40mm
Weight: 12g

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Weight 60 g

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