2023 Morgan le Fay – Myths and Legends £5 BU

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  • The third and final coin inspired by Arthurian legend in The Royal Mint’s Myths and Legends Collection
  • Honouring Morgan le Fay, a popular figure in British mythology
  • Features a design by David Lawrence, who also created the designs for the previous coins in the collection
  • The design depicts Morgan le Fay as a dark and powerful enchantress, wearing a winged headpiece and poised to use magic against her enemies
  • The coin is available in a range of editions and is complemented by packaging that explores the intriguing legend of Morgan le Fay

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First appearing in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Vita Merlini, which followed the seminal Historia Regum Britanniae or The History of the Kings of Britain, Morgan le Fay is a central character within Arthurian legend.
Morgan le Fay’s relationship with King Arthur is as mutable as her characterisation, which ranges from a benevolent healer to an antagonistic enchantress. In certain retellings of the legend, she helps bear the wounded Arthur to the mystical isle of Avalon, where she treats his injuries. From the Victorian era through to American literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, she is commonly cast as a villainous character, who often seeks to harm Arthur and anyone associated with the legendary king.

Denomination: £5
Alloy: Cupro-nickel
Diameter: 38.61mm
Weight: 28.28g
Year: 2023

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Weight 70 g





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