2024 Robin Hood – Myths and Legends £5 BU

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  • The latest coin in The Royal Mint’s collection dedicated to British myths and legends
  • The first coin in the three-part Robin Hood collection
  • Honours one of the most legendary figures in British mythology
  • Features a modern interpretation of Robin Hood designed by Jody Clark
  • The obverse features the official coinage portrait of King Charles III, designed by Martin Jennings
  • Complemented by beautifully designed and informative packaging, the coin is available in a number of editions

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With many tales and incarnations of the legend Robin Hood, who allegedly took from the rich to give to the poor, appears on the first coin in a three-part collection inspired by British myths and legends.
The legendary hero of the people will soon be followed by two more coins inspired by the tales of his Merry Men, featuring the courageous Maid Marian followed by Robin Hood’s trusted companion Little John. Since the thirteenth century, stories of this heroic outlaw have grown, spreading across the world and embedding him in popular culture through the silver screen in the twentieth century.

On the reverse of this coin, Jody Clark’s depiction of Robin Hood, who has often been described as a great archer, shows the hero hidden amongst the branches of Sherwood Forest, poised with a bow and arrow, ready for action.

Denomination: £5
Alloy: Cupro-nickel
Diameter: 38.61mm
Weight: 28.28g
Year: 2024

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Weight 70 g





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